Vendor Liaison

Getting Shit Done can provide the vendor liaison management service you need to get the best out of your suppliers and ensure you have everything at your fingertips to achieve your companies goals. We have 20 years of experience in building and maintaining vendor relationships and managing vendor accounts and portfolios. We have a wide range of experience in a variety of industries meaning we have the knowledge to work effectively with a variety of vendors.

GSD will create synergies throughout the vendor community to ensure your company is a desired selling point, create value-adding relationships with vendors and use your expertise to make portfolio and process recommendations.

As part of our vendor liaison service GSD will:

• Act as the relationship manager and account manager for all vendor interactions. We understand the importance of creating strategic relationships with vendors. Good relationships are vital in creating opportunities for leveraging when you need it most. Our ability to act as team leader and develop the talents of others will hold us in good stead for managing large vendor portfolios and working with large groups of vendor employees.

• Match vendors with current needs, ongoing initiatives and future plans.

• Manage vender portfolios and make recommendations as to adding and cutting using out knowledge of supplier performance metrics. We are well versed in reading financial results to determine the performance of a vendor and our analytical skills allow us to make quick judgements before you and the company have wasted money on an underperforming supplier.

• Respond to sales calls and work with vendors to outline and achieve the aims of your company.

• Work independently to source vendors and create positive relationships for you to call on.

• Put your ideas regarding vendors into action, using our excellent communication and interpersonal skills and our experience in project management. We always remember the big picture and understand how the complex relationship between budget and vendors can make or break a company.

• Write out contract documents including service level exhibits, statements of work and examples.

• Work with vendors to cover service requirements that the contract doesn’t cover.