05 Getting Shit Done is the brainchild of Lucia Garbellini. She has been employed in a variety of industries for over 20 years in administrative and management roles. Lucia has always been passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and goals and her time in the business has given her the skills to make vision a reality.

She has been a Partnerships Manager at The Hunger Project Australia (THPA), where she managed the relationships with their Global Investor base of over 160 investors, the State Development and National Board, as well as the partnership between Business Chicks. She was also involved in international leadership trips, where she experienced the importance of education in developing countries. Lucia has always been interested in the bigger picture and hopes to used GSD as a platform for helping enact positive change around her.

Her communicative and interpersonal skills allow her to work with a wide range of people and connect people in order to make things happen. Lucia firmly believes that harmony is the only road to success and that people pulling in opposite directions will lead nowhere. Numerous companies have benefitted from this approach to her work in her roles as an executive assistant, assistant company secretariat, coordinator of board and committee meeting and administrative support.

Lucia has infused GSD with her strong work ethic, unerringly positive outlook, flexibility, creativity and open-mindedness. This gives GSD a wide scope in terms of who we can assist. We can negotiate and consult with stakeholders, professionals and individuals from all walks of life where our ability to problem solve and build positive relationships allows companies to take the next step.

She has also passed on her love of bringing out the best in people and this makes GSD the perfect choice for people looking for a bit of help in their day to day lives. We love connecting with you and get enormous satisfaction out of taking a bit of the stress out of your life so you can get back to enjoying it.

At GSD we always welcome new challenges and see ourselves as the masters of doing the impossible