Client Relationship Management

Getting Shit Done can provide you with the Client Relationship Management service you need to take your business to the next level.A GSD Client Relationship Message will ensure you can keep tabs on staff activities, create harmony throughout your business and give a consistent, reliable service to all of your clients.

A Client Relationship Management System with GSD will:

Improve the overall management of the company: our system will allow you to improve your ability to track staff activities, give you a clear picture of client service delivery and see where resources are being allocated to by having an electronic trail for every company activity. Our service will give you a far more detailed picture of how your staff are performing.

Give you and your team a standard source of information: having everyone reading from the same page will improve collaboration, no one will miss out on important information and there will be no excuses for a staff member who isn’t pulling their weight.

Improve consistency in service delivery: our system will allow you to track the service each client has received and the time and resources that have been dedicated to each client. This means you can give each client the same level of service and care and remedy situations where clients have been let down.

Standardise data input and management: a company needs accurate data to run efficiently, our service will eliminate the possibility of missing data due to inattention or inaccuracy by staff. This means you will have accurate data you can trust and pass on to clients.

Standardise external communications and company image: professionalism comes down to consistency in application and the way your business conveys itself. Our system means external communications can be standardised and set according to company protocol. This will improve the overall image of the company and prevent the sending of mixed messages to clients. Cleints will receive information from a single source and will have a single point of contact. This is far more efficient than forcing clients to communicate with different levels within the company and call four or five different numbers to get the service they want.