Holiday Planning

Australian’s are passionate about traveling, it doesn’t matter what corner of the Earth you travel to, you’ll never be too far away from that telltale twang. We all love a holiday, but sometimes the stresses of planning and budgeting for one begin to take over from the excitement. Getting Shit Done has over 20 years experience in holiday planning and we can take all the stress out of planning and fitting everything into your budget so you can concentrate on practicing your merci beaucoup.

GSD has sophisticated software at our disposal that allows us to get the best prices available. We can give you expert advice on the best time to travel and how you can save yourself some money. Of course, its not all about money. We want you’re trip to be a little slice of paradise so we make sure everything runs smoothly and every bit of the journey is comfortable, relaxing and everything you’ve been dreaming about while you tapped away at that keyboard.

We take care of everything from booking your transfer to the airport to pre-booking your ticket to the Colosseum.

GSD holiday planning provides services in:

Researching/ booking travel and accommodation: we are experts in sniffing out the best airfare and accommodation deals. We can also book all your internal travel needs, whether its a ticket on the Trans-Siberian or a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead you can rest assured that you’ll be traveling in style without breaking the budget.

Organising visas: some countries have tricky entry policies and many people fly half way across the world only to be told they cant enter or the country or they have to pay an enormous fee to organise an on the spot visa. GSD will make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ll have everything organised so all you have to do is jump on the plane.

Organising travel insurance: if you don’t have travel insurance you shouldn’t be travelling, it’s as simple as that. You need to make sure you have comprehensive cover that will cover any medical bills should something go wrong and get you out of trouble if you break something or are forced to change your plans.We have relationships with prividers and can organise coverage at reasonable premiums.

That’s just a few examples of the ways we can make planning your holiday a breeze.