Corporate Services

Getting Shit Done has been providing a variety of administrative and management services for a range of corporate sectors for 20 years. GSD is dedicated to providing a committed service that will assist you in achieving the goals of your company.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity, which allows us to problem solve at a high-level and resolve issues before they affect the performance of your company. We are dedicated and hard-working and take enormous satisfaction in providing a high level of service. GSD is always focused on the big picture and we understand how even the tiniest forgotten detail or mismanaged contract can have far reaching consequences, every task we undertake will always be completed with the overall success of your company in mind. We firmly believe that a workplace can only function if all of its parts are operating in harmony, our superior organisational and management skills will facilitate the harmonisation of your workplace by creating a flow between all levels of operations.

GSD offers corporate services in:

Administration support: paperwork filing / archiving, data entry and general administration such as: proofreading, typing letters, quotes, EOI’s, taking appointments and diary / phone management.

Event planning: GSD takes care of everything from preliminary research and planning to organising and coordinating vendors and providing supervision on the day.

Travel arrangements: we work to make sure you get to where you need to be comfortably and for the best possible price. Let our superior software management and relationships with suppliers make huge cuts on your travel expenses.

Client relationship management: our client relationship management service is the key to taking your company to the next level. It will allow you keep track of staff activity and performance, standardise data, create a consistency in your outward image and ensure that every client is receiving the level of care you desire.

Vendor liaison: GSD’s excellent communication skills and project management experience mean you can trust us to foster and maintain vendor relationships and rationlise your vendor portfolio. We have worked with a variety of vendors over the years and we know how to create value-adding relationships and how to create a portfolio that can look after the big picture.