Move Preparation

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time, but why should it be? Moving house represents the opportunity for a fresh start and in order to make your transition smoother Getting Shit Done provides a move preparation service. As in most things in life, preparation is the key when it comes to moving house and GSD is here to make sure you’re prepared in every way so all you have to do is turn the key and start enjoying your new life.

GSD provides move preparation services including:

Creating an inventory list: this is an essential part of the move, you need this to pass on to removal companies to get an accurate quote and to ensure they have the equipment to conduct the move efficiently. It will also ensure that you get everything back at the other end and if something is missing you have a document to prove your ownership.

Organsing necessary materials: seems like an obvious task but a lot of people are simply too busy to get around to purchasing these necessities. We can organise the purchase of boxes, packing tape, scissors, cutters, labels, markers, bubble wrap, newspapers, Styrofoam and rope to ensure your move goes quickly and your beloved items stay safe.

Creating a schedule: we will work with you to figure out the schedule for moving that best fits in with your day to day activities. There’s no point organising a move when you have an important meeting. We are sticklers for organisation and we’ll make sure every facet of the move is planned and documented.

Liaising with removal companies: we have extensive experience in dealing with service providers, we know how to find a quality service that doesn’t overcharge. We’ll make sure you get the best service to fit in with your budget and make sure the company provides the appropriate insurance to protect your valuables.

Assisting in organisation of personal affairs: we cant make the calls for you but we can help in organising what can be a mountainous task. We’ll give you the numbers of all the people you need to call including utility companies so you can get final readings and transfer the service to your new address. We’ll also help you make the appropriate address changes and organise any outstanding bills.