Travel Arrangements

At Getting Shit Done, we understand that some members of the corporate world spend more time sitting in airports than they do behind a desk. For some companies, annual travel expenses can be one of the biggest expenses to bear throughout the financial year. Everyone is looking for value for money, you wouldn’t waste money on office equipment you don’t need so why pay more than you need to on travel arrangements.

GSD has been managing corporate travel arrangements for over 20 years, we know how to work with you to get the best possible price whilst ensuring your trip is as comfortable and easy as possible so you can put all your attention on the job at hand. We understand when prices peak and drop away and our careful planning means we are always ready to snap up the bargains. Our sophisticated software gives us access prices that simply cant be found on Webjet or Skyscanner.

Our strong relationships with suppliers allow us to create travel packages meaning you get huge savings on everything from the ticket to the transfer from the airport back home.

GSD can take care of all of your corporate travel arrangements, we will:

Work with you to determine the purpose of the trip and your personal preferences: It’s not all about price, the trip needs to be stress free – you need to have a relaxing journey and enjoy comfortable accommodation or you wont be able to perform at your peak.

Organise travel insurance: traveling without travel insurance is a recipe for disaster. We will make sure you are covered in every way so that you, or the company, aren’t forced to cover enormous medial bills or other unforeseen costs. We have a relationship with a selection of suppliers who are able to pass on comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Take care of all visa and entry requirements: so many people make the mistake of booking a flight only to turn up at the airport and be refused entry because they haven’t organised a visa. We know all the visa requirements for destinations and will make sure you have everything you need to ensure a swift entry into your destination.

Make sure you’re prepared for travel: this means you are aware of any possible risks and know how to avoid them, this could include medical risks or personal safety risks. Whatever it may be, GSD will make sure you have everything in place to guarantee a safe and productive journey.