Personal Services

Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant? Someone that could help you out with those personal tasks that seem to be insurmountable or that you neglect because you can never get around to them? Getting Shit Done loves helping you with the jobs you have to get done while you’re not on the job. Personal assistants aren’t just for rolex wearing, bank CEO’s if you feel like you need a bit of help in your private life get in touch with GSD – everyone deserves a personal assistant.

GSD offers personal services in:

Move preparation: preparation is the key to a successful, hassle-free move. GSD are the kings of organisation and we’ll make sure you have everything ready, so all you have to do is walk into your brand new house and start the next chapter of your life.

Reminders and gift suggestions: make sure you never miss an important event again and get the perfect gifts for the important people in your life with GSD’s reminders and gift suggestion service.

Personal shopping: dress in the clothes you want to wear, not in the clothes you have. Our personal shopping service will have you feeling confident and save you money and time.

Holiday planning: don’t let the stress of planning a holiday get in the way of your excitement. Let us take care of all the boring stuff so you can focus on your adventure.

Property shortlisting: we’ll sift through the dregs and find you the gems. Only look at the properties you’re interested in with GSD’s property shortlisting service.

Event planning: your wedding or your daughters 21st should be an event to remember but there’s no point spending months stressing about canapes and decor when you can enlist the talents of GSD. We have 20 years of experience in all types of event planning and we know how to make your vision a reality.

Vendor Liaising: do you need to rationalise your vendor portfolio or do you think you’re paying more than you should for a supplier. GSD knows how to get the best out of vendors and how to create mutually beneficial relationships that can be leveraged when you need it most.